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Saina Zamanian


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Saina Zamanian is an Iranian musician and composer known for her expertise in playing the Târ and Setâr instruments. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Jean Monnet University in France, Saina has established herself as a notable figure in Persian classical music.


Saina has released three albums showcasing her musical talent. Two of her albums, "11 Tasnif by Ali-naqi Vaziri" and "11 Duets by Ali-naqi Vaziri," were published by Mahoor Publications, emphasizing her commitment to preserving traditional Persian music. Additionally, Saina's album "Rangoon: Târ solo," published by Javan Publication, demonstrates her versatility and creativity as a musician.


In addition to her musical endeavors, Saina is fluent in Persian, English, French, and German, allowing her to translate the articles and books across these languages. Her linguistic skills highlight her efforts to facilitate cross-cultural communication and knowledge sharing.


Saina Zamanian's blend of musical talent, academic pursuits, and linguistic abilities positions her as a versatile and accomplished artist poised for continued success in the realms of music and academia.

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All Videos
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چهارمضراب «مهربان» با تارنوازی ساینا زمانیان | Tar Solo - Saina Zamanian
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The Snowman | آدم‌برفی
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نحوه استفاده از تیونر
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Eleven Tasnifs by Ali-Naqi Vaziri

Publish Year : 2019


(Tār solo)

Publish Year : 2021

Eleven Duets by Ali-Naqi Vaziri

Publish Year : 2022


Paris - FRANCE


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