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Saina Zamanian


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Born in 1994 in Tehran, Saina Zamanian studied Tār and Setār with masters such as Hooshang Zarif, Hossein Alizādeh and Dāryush Talāyi.
She graduated from the Faculty of Music of Tehran University of the Arts in Persian art music, and is now a professor at the Tehran Conservatory while pursuing a doctorate 
at Jean Monnet University (France). 
She has participated in many international festivals: Moqām (Uzbekistan), Folk music festival (Malaysia), etc. and was director of the Saba music festival in Tehran for two seasons. 
To date, she has published four music albums entitled: "Eleven Tasnifs of Ali-naqi Vaziri", "Eleven Duets of Ali-Naqi Vaziri" "Rahgoon (tar solo)" and "Post Orientalism III". She is fluent in English, French and German and has done numerous translations of articles and books in Persian.

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چهارمضراب «مهربان» با تارنوازی ساینا زمانیان | Tar Solo - Saina Zamanian
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The Snowman | آدم‌برفی
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نحوه استفاده از تیونر
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11 Tasnigs.jpg

Eleven Tasnifs by Ali-Naqi Vaziri

Publish Year : 2019



(Tār solo)

Publish Year : 2021

11 duets.jpg

11 Duets by Ali-Naqi Vaziri

Publish Year : 2022

post or.jpg

Post​-​Orientalism III 

Publish Year : 2023

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